Modern Optometry's Staff

MO Group 2018

Seated (L-R): Dr. Verna, Jason   Standing (L-R): Kat, Heather, Jenny, Brenda


Our Staff Bio's

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Dr. Verna


Dr. Rebecca Verna, O.D. is an Optometric Physician specializing in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases and Contact Lens Fitting here in Northeast Philadelphia. Dr. Verna is a 2002 graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. She has her Undergraduate Degree from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Verna's experience includes over 15 years with a large optometric practice in Delaware County, PA. In addition to her skills as a primary care eye clinician, Dr. Verna is committed to having state of the art equipment and technology available to all patients.

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Modern Optometry's Staff with Nissman Eye

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Seated (L-R): Dr. Nissman, Dr. Verna, Jason   Standing (L-R): Kat, Heather, Bev, Jenny, Brenda