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Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care services offered in Philadelphia, PA

 & AWhen you need medical attention for an unexpected eye injury, eye pain, or other sudden symptoms, you can rely on the high-quality emergency eye care services available at Modern Optometry. Rebecca Verna, OD, offers after-hours appointments for eye emergencies like injuries, infections, and other serious eye issues. Dr. Verna customizes care plans using advanced treatments to protect your vision and long-term eye health. Call the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, office to schedule an emergency eye care appointment or book a consultation online today.

What is emergency eye care?

Emergency eye care includes services that address unexpected eye injuries, infections or unexpected symptoms that require immediate medical attention.

Without prompt treatment, some eye conditions can worsen quickly and jeopardize your eye health and vision.

Modern Optometry offers emergency eye care services after hours, so you can avoid the hassles of the local emergency room. You can reach Dr. Verna by phone, even when the office is closed, by calling 215-335-9090 and selecting option 2.

When do I need an emergency eye care appointment?

There are a variety of eye conditions and symptoms that can develop suddenly and unexpectedly. You should schedule an emergency eye care consultation at Modern Optometry if you experience a direct injury to your eye, have debris or an object in your eye, or develop issues like:

  • Corneal abrasion (scratch on the eye)
  • Severe eye pain or redness
  • New floaters or flashes
  • Blurry or distorted vision
  • Allergy-related eye itchiness

You also need a comprehensive eye exam if you have redness, discharge, or pain that relates to an eye infection like conjunctivitis (pink eye).

What happens during an emergency eye care appointment?

When you contact the office after-hours for an emergency eye care appointment, Dr. Verna can determine if you need to come into the office for an evaluation or if you need to get immediate medical attention at the nearest hospital.

For in-office visits, Dr. Verna completes a thorough examination of your eye. She creates a treatment plan to relieve your symptoms and ensure your eye heals fully.

For instance, if you have an eye infection, Dr. Verna can prescribe oral antibiotics or medicated eye drops to treat eye redness and pain. She can also customize an ongoing treatment plan to manage persistent eye symptoms that result from allergies and other chronic conditions.

You might need to schedule a follow-up visit after your emergency appointment so that Dr. Verna can monitor the progress of your treatment. She can also recommend strategies you can use to reduce your risk for additional eye emergencies.

Call Modern Optometry to schedule an emergency eye care consultation or book an appointment online today.